Brandon McCartney (A.K.A Lil B ‘The Based God’) is an ironic rapper from Berkeley, California. He coined the term ‘based’ and uses it to describe all his music, his definition of ‘based’ is a lifestyle of being positive and tolerant. Some of Lil B’s positive lifestyle lyrics “Shouts out to my mom I love you” from his hit track ‘I Love You’.

Lil B gained all his followers through the use of social media. He has done countless motivational speeches at several colleges throughout the US. He also released a book titled “Takin’ Over by Imposing the Positive.”

Lil B has been praised for the amount of music he releases, at one stage releasing a mixtape which was composed of 101 songs, completely for free. As of 2007, Lil B has released 50 mixtapes all for free and has another one coming in 2017. He has also released 5 studio albums.

He has also stirred controversy in the sports world by placing ‘curses’ on certain NBA players, most notable was Kevin Durant in 2012. Durant had said he had no idea how or why Lil B was famous and Lil B responded by placing a curse on Durant so he would never win an NBA championship. In 2014 Lil B released a diss track titled ‘F*ck Kevin Durant’.

Lil B is also the original creator of the ‘cooking dance’ which is featured in many of his music videos. Lil B had placed a curse on NBA player James Harden for stealing Lil B’s famous stir the pot cooking dance move.

In 2017, Lil B has been relatively quiet. Although just recently he has announced that a highly-anticipated mixtape being released this year titled “Black Ken” which has supposedly been in production since early 2010. There is no set release date for the “Black Ken” mixtape